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August 07 2015


Are Virtual Bank Accounts Necessary To Use PayPal?

Using PayPal, people have always questioned whether or not to add their own bank account.

With all the identity theft issues going on and how vulnerable PayPal accounts seem to be, adding your own bank or even any bank in general would seem like a bad idea.

PayPal always mentions how having a verified PayPal account is that much better then one with no bank.

From actual experience, it doesn't really matter. The only time it matters is if you plan to sell a ton of items and put a lot of money through the account.

Sending money to different accounts would seem like a good idea, but withdrawing the money within the same account is the safest.

But that still doesn't answer the question, is a bank account really necessary to use PayPal?

The answer is a straight No!

Whether your account is verified or not, you can still send and accept money.
Only one small difference is, on a unverified account, you have a sending limit of around $2000.

That can simply be lifted by adding a credit card and confirming it.

If you are really paranoid about your identity, add a virtual credit card to your PayPal for an added layer of security.

Verified status is the result of adding a bank account and confirming it. Without it, it really doesn't make or break the account.

Many sellers love to ship to confirmed addresses and verified accounts, but some don't give a hoot on whether it is confirmed or not.

As long as you pay and honest, I think the seller would have no beef with you.

Being verified may make you feel all high and mighty, but you can save yourself a bank and just go unverified.

It is also a good way to go if you happen to get limitations pretty easily. It saves you from having to open so many bank accounts for PayPal.

So to put this question to rest, no, a bank isn't necessary to use PayPal. It is just another ploy by PayPal to get you to add your info with them.

Go stick that in your pipe PayPal and smoke it!

June 12 2015


What To Do With A Suspended eBay Account?

Pretty simple stuff here, but a suspended eBay account is useless! How useless? As useless as deflated raft in the Atlantic ocean. Many people who have been suspended by eBay, tend to try to appeal and attempt to get it reinstated. Bad part about that is, it is a waste of time and more of a pain overall. Getting a suspended eBay account reinstated is the same as getting struck by lightening on a sunny day.

It is useless and causes more frustration for many. Trust me, we have read many cases where eBay denies the appeal after several calls and emails from the suspended user account. No matter how long you been a user, you will end up beating a dead horse. People hate it, but that's the truth sadly...so if you have a suspended eBay account, just move on.

Creating A New Suspended Free eBay Account?

So your bummed, your depressed and infuriated most give up after 15 years of being on eBay. Hold on there... don't pack your bags up just yet. Just because your eBay account is suspended doesn't mean it is the end of the world, it just means you need to suit up and head back into the battlefield! Having a suspended eBay account doesn't necessarily mean you done something wrong; unless of course you sold fakes, scammed people, didn't ship items and closed your account, etc...well then, you deserve to have your eBay account suspended.
For those who played by the rules and still got suspended, well...not sure what happen there, but most half of the suspended eBay users don't really know why they get suspended in the first place. Your not alone, I sold used underwear and still don't know why I got suspended!? Ok...jokes aside, but still, many of the eBay suspensions are very vague. As mentioned before, here are some simple tips and bits of information necessary to create a new suspended free eBay account.

Some Key Points To A Suspended Free eBay Account

Main key point here is to avoid using information on your accounts that have been used before. Yes, this means you cannot use any personal information. Most recommend using variations of your details, but we done that with no success. We either suck at remaining anonymous or eBay hates us personally. Who knows, we just don't recommend it; we rather be safe than sorry. So once again, no use of same personal information, this includes name, address, phone, banks, cards and other personal details.

What you need to get started on eBay again or PayPal for that matter?

New user account

Is that it? Pretty much, but the idea of getting back on and staying on is not so cut and dry. This is why we recommend to read eBay Incognito Mini as it has some good information to creating new accounts and preventing eBay & PayPal from tracing you. I highly recommend it as it gets updated with more information on what works and what doesn't.
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